Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Adorable little bellies

Abby Nolan wrote this very nice review of Hey, Rabbit! for the December issue of Booklist. Thank you!

Instead of a magician pulling a rabbit out a hat, here we have a rabbit magically producing all sorts of things from a suitcase. An ode to gift giving, Ruzzier’s latest picture book showcases his charming illustrations without letting a complicated plot get in the way. One by one, the rabbit’s friends ask, “Hey, Rabbit! Is there anything for me in your suitcase?” and each subsequent spread features the suitcase pouring forth an extreme version of whatever humble object that friend was wishing for. So the dog, who requests a birthday bone, ends up with a gigantic, two-tiered cake made up of blue and white bones. The toucan, who wants a leaf to remind him of home, is presented with a veritable jungle. Ruzzier’s animals are a very appealing group, sweet and expressive with adorable little bellies, and each wish leads to a colorful and lively scene. [...]
— Abby Nolan

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