Friday, February 26, 2010

First drawings!

A few days ago my friend, web developer Margaret Savage helped me set up this game on my website. The first results are already coming in, and I am very happy to post them here.

The very first to arrive is from someone named Gfybgfdsxcvghj, who apparently lives in Fxcvbnimjokkjnbvcfxdxfjk. I am very curious about his or her or its ethnicity.  

This one is by Crystal Bretschgler in Toronto.

This by Bibi, from Dublin (I guess Ireland).

And the last of this first batch is by Jean from Paris (France or Texas?)


  1. Oh, my, such drawings! I must admit, your contributors have much more vivid imaginations than I have. Did they provide any explanations as to how these items came to be in Rabbit's suitcase, or to what purpose? I admire how Rabbit is maintaining his equilibrium through all this! Are you?

    BTW, I just love your own illustrations. So innocent, poignant and sweet, with just the right touch of occasional spice. Thank you for your beautiful work.

    wandapanda at live dot com

  2. How cute! Definitely better than I could ever do!

  3. Adorable Drawings! I came over from Baby Loving Mama after reading her book review. Looks like a cute book that I'd share with my little ones! I'll have to check out your website.

    Jen from Creative and Curious Kids!