Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Broom, Zoom!: Kirkus review

 The first reviews are coming! Here's what Kirkus writes:

"Two friends briefly come into conflict and then resolve it in this sweet drama that is played out entirely in dialogue. Little Witch wants the broom; Little Monster needs the broom. “I want it and I need it!” insists Little Witch. “I need it now,” responds Little Monster, opening the door to reveal a spilled sack of flour. “Yikes!” says Little Witch, and, need established, she helps Little Monster sweep up. But the sky still beckons, and Little Witch still needs the broom—and off the two friends go into the night. Ruzzier frames this little play within simple compositions, allowing emotions plenty of room.

Little Witch wears a purple robe and giant, red pointy hat; Little Monster is a fetching, Martian green and, fittingly for this tale of peacemaking, wears a dhoti. Charming."

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