Friday, February 8, 2013

The Maurice Sendak Community School

My friend Robin Rosenthal, talented designer and illustrator, emailed me a couple of weeks ago with some exciting yet still unofficial news regarding a new Public School in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY. 
She, and other members of the pre-PTA, were trying to get all the necessary approvals in order to name the school after Maurice Sendak. 
Today, it's official: PS 118 will be named The Maurice Sendak Community School.
I believe this is the first school named after him (who was born in Brooklyn in 1928), and I am very curious to see how many others will follow in the next years.


  1. I was wrong. The Park Slope school is not the first one named after M.S.: in North Hollywood, CA, there is already the Maurice Sendak Elementary School.

  2. Thanks for your post Sergio and thanks again for your help in making this happen! Yes, we are the second school to be named after Sendak. (In New York, schools can only be named for the deceased.)