Thursday, March 11, 2010

Two more drawings

I just received two more drawings from visitors of my website.

This first one is by Frankie from Montebello, NY.

And this by Erica, who lives in New York City.

Thank you!


  1. The drawings are so adorable. I love em!

  2. so cute and adorable! Love the drawings.

  3. I just love these drawings they are so cute!

  4. These are really cute drawings,so special!

  5. This is a wonderful book, and I love how you encourage children's imagination by having them participate w/their OWN illustrations! Going to look into obtaining some of your books for my Grandson - he's only 2 1/2 but we've been building a reading library for him since he was born, and someone reads to him everyday!

  6. How adorable. It's great that kids are getting involved with the books that they are reading!
    I love the book. I can't wait for my son to read it. We are saving it for Easter!